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The main characteristic of this crop is its high protein content, reaching up to 21%. We understand the importance of protein in animal feed and the high costs of the concentrations that exist in the market. With this crop, you really will see the difference in cost in terms of obtaining the amount of daily protein livestock require in their food, allowing you to significantly reduce running costs.


It is also worth highlighting that the crop is perennial, meaning it costs less to manage. This allows significant savings to be made in terms of work in the field. The crop lives between 7 to 12 years depending on how it is manages and cared for.

Being a perennial crop, in hot climates and irrigated areas, it can yield up to 6 cuts per year, reaching up to 35,000 kg per hectare per cut of green matter. It is a useful crop for all types of organisations both agricultural and livestock ones, whether they are small, medium or large.

It is worth noting its potential for regrowth as it can be cut every 40 days.

This crop has excellent results in dairy livestock, both cows and goats, meat livestock, etc.


The grass adapts very well to acidic soil that has a low-medium fertility rate, high temperatures and high relative humidity.

It has good resistance to frost without losing the plants, which results in a vigorous regrowth in spring as its basal buds are below ground.